Protecting your business when the lights go out isn't just about having a copy of your data 

A simple backup isn't good enough to protect your data from all of the threats that we face today. Business continuity and Disaster recovery solutions should be one of your highest priorities. 
Our flagship offering from Datto, an award-winning backup and disaster recovery specialist, covers all bases. From restoring a failed server by 'spinning-up' a virtual copy or just restoring a file, Datto is an ideal solution for businesses who can't afford server downtime and want total protection of data.  
True MSP are Datto Professional Partners and certified to their advanced technical standard. Working with Datto for many years our team have helped businesses minimise downtime, even when there has been a total, site-wide disaster.  
We've all deleted a file and found it's not in the recycle bin or anywhere on the network. This isn't just frustrating, it can mean replicating hours of work. Datto solves this problem by taking regular snapshots of your data so if the file is permanently deleted we can roll back to the previous restore point, usually taken every hour. 
True MSP are Datto Professional Partners supplyng Bacup and Disaster Recovery solutions throughout the UK
True MSP are Datto Professional Partners
Is my data protected against cyber-attacks? 
Yes - Datto detects cyber-attack activity and prevents the backups from being compromised. 
Is my data encrypted? 
Yes - Data protected by Datto is encrypted on the local device and in the Datto cloud. 
Where is my data stored? 
Local data is stored on the Datto device and offsite data is stored in their own UK based datacentre. 
For businesses who don't require instant virtualisation our True Recover solution is ideal. Able to take images of your servers along with daily data backups which are stored locally at your office for fast recovery and offsite on Microsoft Azure Cloud.  
If you have a server failure or site-wide disaster, True Recover allows us to restore an image onto new hardware within a short space of time. 
True Recover is a great replacement for tape or USB drive backup, offering a higher level of protection on a budget.  
True MSP offer a range of backup and disaster recovery solutions for SME's throughout the UK
To discuss which solution is right for you please get in touch with the True MSP team on 01332 948600
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