Cyber Essentials helps you to guard against the cyber threats and demonstrate your commitment to cyber security    

What are the benefits of certification? 
You'll reassure your customers that you take cyber security seriously 
Your organisation will be listed on the Governments Cyber Essentials directory, which can be searched by anyone 
Attract new business because you've implemented a recognised level of Cyber Security 
Reduce business insurance premiums  
We've put together a package to help your business achieve Cyber Essential certification. 
We've found that most of our reports highlight changes which can be made to the current network without the need to purchase additional hardware, however to make our package transparant and so you're not tied into any high cost work, we follow a simple 3 step plan. If after Step 1 you decide that it's not cost effective to pursue certification, you're free to stop the process.  
Step 1 - We come to your office and assess your current security solutions and create a report detailing any steps that are necessary to get you Cyber Essentials certified.  
Once complete we will discuss any work which is required to become Cyber Essentials compliant.  
Step 1 is a fixed fee of £500+VAT 
Step 2 - Using our report we make remedial changes to your security policies, servers, network and firewall.  
If our report doesn't list any hardware upgrades, this will see your business completing the Cyber Essentials process and becoming certified.  
Step 2 is a fixed fee of £1000+VAT 
Step 3 - If your existing network infrastructure isn't able to meet the Cyber Essentials criteria we will document this in our initial report. Sometimes upgrading your firewwall or security products will be enough to meet their criteria, while with some networks it may involve replacing PC's and other devices.  
If your business requires Step 3 we will go over all the options and ensure you're getting value for money and the right solution for your business. 
Here are some tips on how to protect yourself against cyberthreats. 
Always use Anti-Virus software and ensure it’s always up-to-date. We recommend WebRoot or BitDefender 
Use a strong password which includes upper and lower case characters, special characters and numbers. The longer and more complex the better. 
Keep Windows updated. Microsoft continually release security and critical updates which should be installed to help secure your PC’s and laptops. 
Use different passwords for your social media and work accounts. If one account gets hacked there’s a chance it’ll open up your other accounts, so using different passwords will limit their access. 
Change your WiFi password regularly or use a guest WiFi network for visitors. Many businesses don’t change their WiFi passwords which means anyone who ever visited your office has access. 
If you have a security breach make sure you have a process in place to lock down your IT systems quickly. We can help with that! 
All of the above measures are easy to implement and will help you keep your business secure against cyber-attacks. 
To learn more about our Cyber Essentials service and how your business can become certified,  
please get in touch 01332 948600 
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