How outsourcing you IT support and services to True MSP will benefit your business  

1. Increased productivity 

Many businesses have someone who knows a bit about IT and moonlights between their 9-5 job, helping out where they can. This is seen as a way to reduce costs but isn’t an efficient use of their time and in most cases stops that person being productive in their main job. Not having a full working day to carry out tasks they’re employed to do, being pulled around the office to fix computer issues and then spending longer to fix them because they have limited IT knowledge is frustrating for them and the people they’re supporting. Outsourcing your IT gives them their time back and the business their full attention to help deliver to the clients they’re serving. 

2. reducing overheads 

A full time IT person will have a salary of between £25,000 and £50,000 per year, this is a huge cost for any SME who are large enough to require a dedicated, full time IT manager. Along with those costs there’s a requirement to ensure they’re always up-to-date with the latest technology, which means the cost of training. There’s also all the on-costs such as employers NI and any benefits they may have. In many cases outsourcing your IT will reduce the costs to around 25% of what they currently are. 
3. Continuous service. 
If your in-house IT resource is ill, on holiday or away from the office your business would suffer if a problem occurred. True MSP has a team dedicated to supporting your IT systems, eliminating any gaps in service and ensuring someone is available at all times. If your IT personal shares their time between their main role and IT support, they may not be available even if they’re in the office. 
4. Covering any skill gaps internal IT may have. 
Technology changes rapidly, with a new product or service coming out every week. As an SME with a dedicated IT person or an IT moonlighter, they won’t have the time to keep up-to-date on the latest technology and what serves your business well. True MSP keep on top of the latest trends and shifts in IT solutions, and make sure key stakeholders are kept informed of the advantages of these solutions. 
5. Working alongside your team. 
When a business is large enough to employ a full time IT resource and they’re happy with the day-to-day level of support, working with True MSP is still a good move. Working together, your business has an onsite presence who can look after many of the day-to-day issues and a team offsite ready to assist when the workload becomes unmanageable or additional support is required, such as to cover holidays or illness. 
6. Strategic advice and your own IT Director. 
As an SME you’ll typically have an Managing Director and maybe an Financial Director but not an IT Director. True MSP provide the services of an IT Director to sit in on sales meetings, helping you win contracts which may rely on how secure or capable your IT systems are. Providing strategic advice, clearly setting out a roadmap of where your business should invest in technology and what benefits it will have in the coming years. 
7. Comprehensive management of your technology. 
True MSP provide a complete IT solutions service. From IT support and hardware procurement to providing broadband and VOIP telephony systems, we take ownership of all your technology. Working as your IT department, IT Director, hardware and software vendor and strategic partner. 
8. Continued value added service. 
If your IT systems have been in place for many years without implementing new solutions your business probably isn’t as productive or profitable as it could be. True MSP will always look for the best and most efficient way technology can help you do your job better. Whether that’s moving to the cloud, changing to a new software solution or just upgrading your desktop PC’s to reduce downtime, the result is more time doing what you do well, in the most efficient way possible. 
9. Proactive support and maintenance. 
Historically a break/fix mentality has been the normal method resolving IT issues. This means there’s downtime and a loss of productivity while the IT resource investigates and resolves the issue. True MSP utilises real-time monitoring so many issues are prevented without any impact on the user or the IT resource who would be called to look at it. If an issue can’t be prevented then the dedicated helpdesk team can quickly look at the issue and resolve it with minimal downtime. If the issue is more complex, the helpdesk team can pool resources and speak to the consultants. 
10. Focusing on what matters. 
You and your team focus on your business, leaving True MSP to take the pain and stress away. 
Bonus! - A happier working environment. 
After surveying our clients we’ve conclusively found all members of their team are happier and the overall mood of the business has improved. Taking the frustration out of your technology along with the above benefits is a strong case for any SME to look at outsourcing their technology solutions to True MSP. 
Businesses working with True MSP have seen most if not all of their managed services cost offset by the increase in productivity seen across their organisation  
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