Firewalls are not the only way to secure your network.  Our network security solutions start protecting your system from the outside, before any data enters your network. 

Here's how layered security works  

1. External 
Checking data for issues before it's sent to your network using cloud technology 
2. Perimeter 
A physical firewall with intelligent scanning of all data entering or leaving your network 
3. Internal 
End point protection for your PC, laptop or mobile device 
4. User 
Awareness and best practice training 
Your network is protected by a firewall device which connects your office to the outside world. Historically this was the only line of defense which may stop a cyber attack or network hack. 
To combat this we add new layers of security which scan data and emails before they're allowed to pass through your firewall. Having mutiple 'gatekeepers' in place drastically reduces the chance of a data breach or ransom demand. 
True MSP supply the best IT products and services available
True MSP offer a range of solutions to protect your data and business from malicious attacks
With the rise of Cybercrime and new regulations coming into effect such as GDPR, there has never been a more important time to make sure you have the right systems in place to help protect your organisation from a cybercrime attack or data breach. 
Our True Protect range or products and services cover every aspect of security, from firewalls and antivirus software to mobile device management and user training. Combining these services ensures your organisation has the highest level of protection from external attacks, while educating your users about malicious emails which can open the door from the inside. 
To discuss your security requirements call us on 01332 948600 
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